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The Day Everything Became Less Secure

This entry was posted in Security on Jan 9, 2018 by Mark Maunder

It’s January 9th here in London. I’m sitting in Heathrow waiting for my flight back to Seattle after spending new year with my South African family in Cape Town. It may be the disorientation one feels during a transcontinental flight, but I have a feeling I can’t shake. It feels as if the Earth has […]

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The Impact of Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities

This entry was posted in Security on Jan 4, 2018 by Mark Maunder

Google’s Project Zero (GPZ) is a think tank of leading edge security researchers who have established a track record of ground breaking research. Yesterday they announced a set of flaws in CPU architectures that create two kinds of vulnerabilities. It is early in the year, but this may be the most important and impactful security […]

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