Defiant is the global leader in WordPress security. We protect your assets, team and customers from known and emerging threats. When WordPress security experts need guidance, they turn to Defiant.

Over 2 Million Websites Protected

for Business

Partner with the Defiant team for a customized WordPress security solution and continuous monitoring, protection, code reviews and assistance.

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Experienced a WordPress breach in your business? Our certified forensic investigators provide full incident response services on short notice.

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Secure WordPress with Wordfence

Defiant makes the leading full-service security solution for WordPress websites. Choose from our open source community or Premium edition.

Defiant provides a robust, long-term security solution and relationship for large organizations with mission-critical WordPress installations.


Defiant Solves WordPress Security for Business

The Defiant team are a group of over 35 security professionals with a wide range of WordPress security expertise and credentials. We make Wordfence, the most popular firewall and malware scanner for WordPress, protecting over 2 million websites.

We work with large businesses to secure their mission-critical WordPress installations. Wordfence for Business is a custom security solution for our enterprise customers that we develop in close collaboration with you.

Your technical client partner will begin the process by establishing a relationship and gaining a deep understanding of your needs. With that understanding, we consult as a team and develop a solution that is tailored for your organization.

Defiant brings together people, data, processes and capabilities that are second to none, making us the clear leader in WordPress security. In addition to Wordfence for business, we also offer incident response services.

If you are a large business with a mission-critical or high-profile WordPress installation, you can not afford a data breach or downtime. Connect with your Defiant client partner today to begin the process of developing and implementing a robust WordPress security posture.

We are a team of passionate security experts

Defiant is a 100% remote working organization. Most of our team is based in the United States and we have team members in Sweden, The United Kingdom and several other countries. We use the newest tools to facilitate efficient remote collaboration. Our culture is friendly, fun, courteous, intelligent, engaged and passionate. We love every aspect of the security industry and we love creating great software that secures our customers. Our team works hard but we also value family and personal time. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you.