When WordPress experts need assistance investigating an incident, they turn to the Defiant team

Defiant Incident Response is designed for mission critical business sites that have experienced a WordPress security incident.

Our senior security analysts will work closely with your team to collect evidence, investigate the root cause and help you restore your site to working order quickly.

Threat Containment

Malware containment and eradication

Comprehensive forensic investigation

Detailed Reporting

Blacklist removal

Secure the site with Wordfence Premium, including optimization of the firewall

Security Recommendations

Continuous progress updates

Kathy Zant

Do you need help with a security incident?

Kathy is here to help.

Every minute counts. Defiant's incident response team is ready to neutralize the threat, secure your digital assets and minimize the risk to your organization.

Schedule an immediate consultation to:

  • discuss incident specifics
  • learn how Defiant can quickly remediate
  • determine next steps

Mark Maunder

Chief Executive Officer

Kerry Boyte

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Barry

Lead Developer

Tim Cantrell

Lead Customer Service

Matt Rusnak

QA Lead

Colette Chamberland

Director of Information Security

Colette has comprehensive experience securing digital assets across all layers. She has an unparalleled ability to detect and neutralize threats.

Josh Scott

Senior Financial Analyst

Ryan Britton

Senior Developer


Threat Analyst

Scott Bisker

Director of Operations

Marco Wotschka

Security Analyst

Marco has extensive experience as a software developer and security analyst. He is adept at malware identification, uncovering intrusion vectors, and vulnerability elimination for Defiant's customers.

Scott Miller

Customer Support Engineer


Customer Support Engineer

Giles Wright

Security Analyst

Ram Gall

QA Engineer & Threat Analyst


Office Manager

Sean Korbitz

Director of Photography

Gregory Bloom

Threat Analyst

Adam Goodlin

Customer Support Engineer

Pete Greaves

Customer Support Engineer

Matt Sinagra

Security Analyst

Alex Kenion

Senior Software Developer

Charles Sweethill

Security Analyst

Emily Dalmas

Producer / Showrunner

Brian Curran

Senior Operations Engineer

Bill Richards

Senior Software Developer

Mike Cummings

Senior Software Developer

Gareth Griffiths

Senior Software Developer

Jeremiah Sturgill

Software Developer